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Often misjudged for being part of the new batch of EBM bands, Ionic Vision has always been at the forefront of modern EBM since 1992. Honing aggression, angst and electronic terror from their cold machinery, they proudly present you their fourth full studio album Bitter Isolation. An album that perfectly reflects Ionic Visions feelings and sounds in the blessed year 2008.

From their early EBM cradle of Rage against the acoustic (ION002-1997) over the extreme raw and brutal NeuMaschinen (ION006-2000), to the high tech bashing Actual (ION009-2005), they now created the perfect blend of all these earlier releases. Bitter Isolation (ION012) touches everything from their root EBM (in songs like Take Cover or Die Macht) to raw and undistinguished EBM (in songs like New Breed or Remembrance) and their high tech standard (tracks like Insects or Visions of Order). All musical aspects of what Ionic Vision stands for, still focused on Electronic Body Music in its deepest essence, can be found on Bitter Isolation.

Bitter Isolation not only reflects Ionic Visions aural past, the title of the album directly faces critics with the bands current status, feeling quite bitter in their isolated environment. As advocates of the EBM genre for years, Ionic Vision is currently the only EBM band that never ceased existing in over 16 years, struggling hard to keep the EBM genre alive ever since. In their continuous battle for recognition, Ionic Vision have always been pushed back by critics.

It is time to accept that EBM is still alive, time to lift Ionic Vision out of their bitter isolation, to acknowledge that Ionic Vision is, together with some of their ancestors, a source of inspiration for many of the current EBM movement and still to come. It is time to leave these guilty by association tags in the past and move on!

01. Insects
02. New breed
03. Trust
04. Die Macht (Rundfunk)
05. Reveal
06. Remembrance
07. Bitter isolation
08. Visions of order
09. Open your eyes
10. Take cover
11. Sleep
12. She Is
13. New Breed - ESR remix
14. New Breed - Encoder remix
15. Die Macht - R010R remix
16. New Breed - club amour remix edit
17. Sleep - insomnia
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
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