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Five years after their departure, Christ Analogue has reemerged with the stunning new album Everyday Is Distortion.

Everyday Is Distortion's sound ranges from hard-driving electro-industrial to downright cerebral. A flawless union of intricate drum and synth programming, strong ambient structure, and vocals ranging from intimate to enraged bear the listener through this sixteen-song epic.

Everyday Is Distortion is quickly reestablishing Christ Analogue as one of the premiere acts in the electro-industrial scene.
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. So Brand New
02. Ana
03. American Glamour Girl
04. Sore
05. Hemisphere
06. Bitchwarmer
07. Everyone is Looking
08. A Slight Rage
09. Consequence
10. Fathom
11. Sustain
12. The Wrong Man
13. Fair Game
14. Ana v2
15. The Talker
16. Impure (technically)
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