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The Bitcrusher Remixes, the companion release to 2003's critically acclaimed Everyday Is Distortion, puts a dance floor edge on the ground breaking intensity you've come to expect from Christ Analogue.

This time they've brought along some friends, including Sister Machine Gun, De-Fragmentation, and Penal Colony to name a few, as well as a collaboration with Jason Bazinet of SMP, and Wade Alin's own reiteration of Ana.

The disc also includes two new tracks, "Breathe" and the performance-favorite "Piss" for a total of 15 previously unreleased tracks!
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Sore (Bit-Drop Mix by Rey Guajardo)
02. Ana (A Hole in the District of Columbia Mix by Wade Alin)
03. Sore (Headache Mix by Headache)
04. Piss
05. So Brand New (The Denver Incident Mix by Sister Machine Gun)
06. Hemisphere (In 4 Easy Parts for Fat People Mix by De-Fragmentation)
07. Sore (Tussin Rub Mix by Monstrum Sepsis)
08. Sore (Manifest One Mix by Shok)
09. Impure (Penal Colony Funktravox Mix by D. Madden)
10. A Slight Rage (PTI Downmix by PTI)
11. A Slight Rage (An Evening With the Starfuckers Mix by Wade Alin feat. Jason Bazinet of SMP)
12. A Slight Rage (Lasseration Mix by Rey Guajardo)
13. Sustain (Minor Solution Mix by Cylab)
14. Breathe
15. Sore (Pacific Mix by Shok)
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