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komposi001 is the first compilation released by Positron! Records and features current Positron! artists as well as a preview of future releases.

Included on komposi001 are brand-new songs from Amish Rake Fight (Mike Fisher of Machines of Loving Grace), Beautiful Assassins (Matt Walker of Impossible Recording Machine), Bizarbies (Miguel Turanzas of Sister Machine Gun), Impossible Recording Machine, Micronaut, Sister Machine Gun, and Wedge (Chris Randall and dlulek noise-core project), as well as the Eco-Hed version of the Die Warzau classic "Land Of The Free" featuring Jim Marcus on lead vocals.

01. Eco-hed w/ Jim Marcus: Land of the Free
02. Impossible Recording Machine: Damage
03. Sister Machine Gun: Transparency
04. Beautiful Assassins: Generator
05. Amish Rake Fight: I, Croupier
06. Micronaut: Probe Droid
07. Wedge: Rotor
08. Impossible Recording Machine: Comfort
09. Sister Machine Gun: Bang Bang (Fully Operational Mix)
10. Bizarbies: Is that alright?
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Eco-hed w/ Jim Marcus - Land of the Free
02. Impossible Recording Machine - Damage
03. Sister Machine Gun - Transparency
04. Beautiful Assassins - Generator
05. Amish Rake Fight - I, Croupier
06. Micronaut - Probe Droid
07. Wedge - Rotor
08. Impossible Recording Machine - Comfort
09. Sister Machine Gun - Bang Bang (Fully Operational Mix)
10. Bizarbies - Is that alright?
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