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After releasing multiple albums in Europe, this industrial project from Spain is finally prepared to decimate the US with their own style of Electronic Hardcore. This sonorous orgy was conceived over abrasive rhythms clashing with electronic distortion.

1. I Hear Shouts
2. What They Call Paradise
3. The Rage of the Angels
4. Que Hable El Silencio
5. Where We Are
6. Society In Ruins
7. Today the Wind Blows From the North
8. En Su Nombre
9. Senseless Words
10. Desperta Ferro
11. Poisoned Information (hungarian cut remix)
12. Pasos Perdidos
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. I hear Shouts
02. What they call paradise
03. The rage of the angels
04. Que hable el silencio
05. Where we are
06. Society in ruins
07. Today the wind blows from the north
08. En su nombre
09. Senseless words
10. ˇ Desperta Ferro !
11. Poisoned information (Hungarian cut remix)
12. Pasos perdidos
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