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After being out of print for more than a year, Distort is back in print.

In 2006 Statik has gone back in the studio and remixed and remastered the Collide remixes and cover versions that appear on this CD.
" Whip It" includes new guitar parts added by Scott Landes.

The release also fetures the song "Felix the Cat", previously available only on the compilation, "A Cat Shaped Hole In My Heart" .

1. Pandora's Box - opened remix (version 2.0) remixed by Statik (2006)
2. Son of Preacher Man - Bat remix remixed by Statik
3. Falling Up - Egypt remix remixed by Spirits In Sin
4. Whip It - (Version 3.0) remixed by Statik (2006)
5. Beneath the Skin - Razors Edge remix remixed by Das Ich
6. Obsession - (Version 3.0) remixed by Statik (2006)
7. Violet's Dance - Abstract Dub Fuck remixed by Alien Faktor
8. Falling Up - Full Moon remix remixed by Waiting for God
9. Black - Pitched remix remixed by Crocodile Shop
10. Pandora's Box - Ultrajet remix remixed by T.H.C.
11. Strange - Bizarre remix remixed by SMP
12. Deep - 2Deep remix remixed by Regenerator
13. Violet's Dance - Blister Feet remix remixed by Idiot Stare
14. Fear No Evil-(version 2.0) (2006)
15. Felix the Cat-(version 2.0) (2006)
CD Price: $5.00 (ON SALE!)
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