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[R]evolution is the fifth full length release from Sister Machine Gun and their first on Positron! Records.

Combining elements of industrial, electronica, jazz, blues, funk and noise in to a style best described as neo-industrial-dada-funk, [R]evolution is a favorite among SMG fans due to it�s independent spirit and the album�s battle cry anthem "Smash Your Radio!" It�s independent recording at it�s finest, everything a band can be when it has full control over it�s own destiny.
CD Price: $5.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Libertad
02. Carbon Copy
03. Got To Be
04. Smash Your Radio!
05. Transient One
06. Transient Two
07. Closer To Me
08. Wrong
09. Vibrator
10. Autoloader
11. Strange
12. Bring You Down [Take You Higher]
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