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Equal parts hard funk and electro-rock, sistermachinegun: 6.0 is a benchmark for the Chicago sound of the new century. Between Chris Randall�s sultry vocal stylings and the fiery Hendrix-meets-Helmet guitar work of Miguel Turanzas, sistermachinegun: 6.0 pushes the envelope, setting new standards for modern music.
CD Price: $5.98 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Automaton
02. Loser
03. The Best That You Can Do
04. Never
05. Machine I
06. Ten Minute God
07. Machine II
08. Gonna Be Right
09. Down On Me
10. What I�m Waiting For
11. Release
12. Machine III
13. Machine (no!)
14. Machine IV
15. End
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