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After nearly a 5 year hiatus, musician/artist Patrick Ogle (aka Thanatos) has made a successful return with his latest project IllegalTeenageBikini and his latest offering entitled I am not Job. Patrick has continued to mature and explore new ground and the evidence of his findings can be heard on this latest release. IllegalTeenageBikini incorporate acoustic guitars, loops and electronics to create songs ruminating on the passage of time, history and transgender truck stop dance enthusiasts. The music is somewhere between darkwave and trip hop but is clearly akin to each and slave to neither. There are hints of industrial and country lurking in the background as well. This release also features the last track recorded by the late William Tucker. I am not Job was mastered by the legendary Robert Rich who tweaked and fine tuned the final mix. Overall, this is a solid release and a refreshing new sound.
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Massive, MASSIVE Object
02. I Am Not Job
03. Akira Okubu
04. Oklahoma City Ballroom
05. Larger Than The Sky
06. Drop The Dime
07. Statues Never Have Fingernails
08. I'm Still Not Job (remix)
09. Between The Wars
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