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Revolution State vs. Noizekatt is the debut CD for both projects. It is a full length CD which contains five tracks by Revolution State, and five tracks by Noizekatt, which gives the listener an opportunity to hear the best of both projects on one CD. The first five tracks of the CD feature the intelligent electro-industrial of Revolution State, which pair a full and textural sonic landscape and complex custom made rhythms with the emotional and politically aggressive vocal of Ben P., and the sweet robotic voice of Bonnie P. The last five tracks of the CD feature Noizekatt's combined distorted rhythmic assault and minimal analog electronics with Bonnie P.'s endearing avant-garde growl.

1CD_ 2xEP initial project releases

revolution state ep
01 uncompromised hate [2:16]
02 deny [4:37]
03 profit produced pain [3:52]
04 my other heartbeat [4:28]
05 revolution of hate [5:09]

noizekatt ep
06 k@t [2:54]
07 minus hope [5:12]
08 eco terror [5:10]
09 left hand [4:07]
10 heavy industries, inc [5:53]
CD Price: $2.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Uncompromised Hate
02. Deny
03. Profit Produced Pain
04. My Other Heart Beat
05. Revolution of Hate
06. K@t
07. Minus Hope
08. Eco-terror
09. Left Hand
10. Heavy Industries, Inc.
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