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Track List

1.Shared Lies
2.Inuring Eternity
3.What You Weren't
4.Broken Rules
6.No Amount
7.Blurry Lines
9.Falling Behind
11.Dance Along the Edge
12.What You Weren't (Epsilon Minus Mix)
13.Falling Behind (Null Device Mix)
14.Blurry Lines (Blind Faith and Envy Mix)
15.What You Weren't (Echo Virus Mix)
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Shared Lies
02. Injuring Eternity
03. What You Weren't
04. Broken Rules
05. Crumble
06. No Amount
07. Blurry Lines
08. Demons
09. Falling Behind
10. Storm
11. Dance Along the Edge
12. What You Weren't (Epsilon Minus Mix)
13. Falling Behind (Null Device Mix)
14. Blurry Lines (Blind Faith and Envy Mix)
15. What You Weren't (Echo Virus Mix)
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