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Out now is the definitive remix collection by one of the most prolific and under-rated dark electro acts in operation, the talented Slovakian duo Disharmony.

Fresh off the heels of their fantastic 3rd album, last year's 'Malignant Shields' on Aliens Production, Disharmony compiles their most beloved remixes, including 3 new tracks, into one fantastic collection of music.

15 beautifully crafted dark electronica tracks driven by sopping-wet beats, haunting synthlines, chilling samples, and razor-sharp vocals. Beauty meets complexity in a brilliant marriage of orchestral dark electro and savvy electronica.

1.Idealism [original by Polygon]
2.Mutant X [original by Grandchaos]
3.Stir up the Dust [original by Anhedonia]
4.Apocalypse [original by Pecadores]
5.Tuistoz Herz [original by Burzum]
6.Alone [original by Empty]
7.Suspection [exklusive track]
8.Bar Code [original by Flint Glass]
9.Immortal [original by Deadjump]
10.Nautilus [exklusive track]
11.Zeit Zerstoert [orignal by Mnemonic]
12.Earth [Disharmony meets Sara Noxx]
13.Like Falling Crystals [original by Stendeck]
14.Synove Svetla [original by Tabor Radosti]
15.Kasida [original by Fractional]
CD Price: $4.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Idealism [original by Polygon]
02. Mutant X [original by Grandchaos]
03. Stir up the Dust [original by Anhedonia]
04. Apocalypse [original by Pecadores]
05. Tuistoz Herz [original by Burzum]
06. Alone [original by Empty]
07. Suspection [exklusive track]
08. Bar Code [original by Flint Glass]
09. Immortal [original by Deadjump]
10. Nautilus [exklusive track]
11. Zeit Zerstoert [orignal by Mnemonic]
12. Earth [Disharmony meets Sara Noxx]
13. Like Falling Crystals [original by Stendeck]
14. Synove Svetla [original by Tabor Radosti]
15. Kasida [original by Fractional]
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