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CYLAB has released a second full length cd titled 'Satellites'. This venture of compelling songs mark an accumulation of the diverse musical influences of Percy Trayanov and SeVerina X Sol. The soundscapes of CYLAB are often described as "dark electro-EBM with post gothic melodies". The progression of the album Satellites produce rich, complex soundscapes continuing to break structural boundaries while maintaining to capture and mesmerize the full attention of the listener. The album chronicles darker, more turbulent moments imposed by composition and lyrical wonderment, exemplified by songs like "Masks of silence", "Path" and the title track "Satellites".
CD Price: $3.00 (ON SALE!)
Track Listing:
01. Satellites
02. Content
03. His Lost Reflection
04. Parting Fields
05. Embryo Time
06. Masks of Silence
07. Dented Halos
08. Tides
09. Kundalini
10. Path
11. Satellites (reprise)
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