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Arcanta's highly anticipated new album, The Sacred and the Profane, exceeds all expectations. Mysterious, majestic and intense, the music is at once deeply personal and trancendently universal. Wordless hymns blend with sanskrit chants to create an experience rarely found in music today. From the haunting "Rememberance" to the exhilarating rhythms of "The Magdalen," Arcanta engages the listener in ways uniquely beautiful and strange, primal and profound, evoking the sacred and profane.
CD Price: $5.00 (ON SALE!)
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Track Listing:
02. Amidst the Breakers
02. No Hope No Fear
03. The Light of Setting Suns
04. Lakshmita
05. Upanishad
06. Novalis
07. Oasis (Desert Cactus Blooming)
08. Remembrance
09. Sutra
10. The Magdalen
11. Surrender (The Sacred and the Profrane)
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