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"Attrition is opera, Attrition is experimentation of the highest order, Attrition is in a world all of their own, orbiting some strange star with an atmosphere of fear to breathe..." Musictap.net

3 decades of the music of ATTRITION, 4 years in the making , the album features interpretations of 17 of the most well known ATTRITION tracks, spanning 3 decades by bands from all over the world... With long established names in the industrial, gothic, metal and avante garde scenes standing side by side with the new wave....including Murder Happens and En Esch (from KMFDM)/ Stromkern /Imprint / Machine in the Garden / Stoa / High Blue Star / Chiasm / My Silent Wake /Remora /Protea / Unwoman and more....

Selected and mastered by mainman Martin Bowes.
"Over the years I have been moved by the many cover versions of our music that started appearing. Always amazed that people were touched enough by our songs to want to interpret them in their own way. I thought it was timely that i put together an album to represent these works...I hope they mean as much to those listening now as they have done to us...." Martin Bowes. May 2009.

"Creating and exploring rich shadowy electronic soundscapes...interweaving the ephemeral with the operatic, the sound can at once calm your soul and chill your bones..." The Hatchet/USA
CD and Full Album download purchases come with a free bonus download of The Wrapped EP!
The Wrapped EP is a companion release to Attition's full length release, Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend. This 8 track EP features additional Attrition interpretations from Audra, iammynewt, Phantom vision and more.
view track listing 01. Monkey iun a Bin - The Sharks
02. A Girl Called Harmony - Phantom Vision
03. Acid Tongue - iammynewt
04. A'dam and Eva - Vice Deviant
05. To the Devil! - Beati Mortui
06. Dreamsleep - Audra
07. Death Truck - Veronique Diabolique
08. Fate is Smiling - Mortal Clay
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This CD comes with a free full album download.
Full Album Download Price: $8.90
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Nyarlathotep - Favourite Things
Murder happens with En Esch - Which Hand?
Imprint - Reflections
Chiasm - A Girl Called Harmony
Stromkern - The Cage
My Silent Wake - Two Gods
High Blue Star - I Am Eternity
Machine in the garden - Dreamsleep
Fluxussyndrom - A Great Design
Elephant Leaf - The Second Hand
Remora - Fusillade
Terrotimo - Kharb
Unwoman - Adam & Eva
Accolade - The Silent Mind
Patricia Wake - Fate is Smiling
Protea - Into the Waves
Stoa - A Girl Called Harmony
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