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After years of releasing albums and performing overseas, Mechanical Cabaret makes their long awaited North American debut with the greatest hits collection, Selective Hearing. Formed in 1999, Roi Robertson and Steve Bellamy combine a heady mix of industrial strength electro, memorable melodies, slamming beats, acidic synths, sci-fi
soundscapes and throbbing bass, along with Roi's lyrical observations of the darker side to life - all delivered with a deadpan dose of sardonic punk attitude and British black humor.

Mechanical Cabaret have been making records and touring for 13 years, releasing four albums and several singles. Selective Hearing provides just a glimpse of the bands illustrious history, starting with "Nothing Special" from the bands 2002 debut; We have an Agenda, to the mega club hits "See Hear Smile" and "Disbehave", from the follow-up, Product for Your Insecurity. 2009's Damaged Goods was Mechanical Cabaret's breakthrough release. The duo stepped out of the clubs and into the more
mainstream with songs like "In Loving Memory," "Careful Careless" and "GBH." Damaged Goods maintained the bands signature analogue sounds and British dark humor, but showcased more mature in-depth song writing. To round out this release, Mechanical Cabaret has added "Why so Serious?" the first new track from the band since 2009. Overall, Selective Hearing is a great introduction in the North American market and precursor to what lie ahead in the next album.

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This is the regular version of Selective Hearing. The CD purchase of Selective Hearing will include a free download of the album including the 12 bonus Mp3's found on the Deluxe Edition. Included in these Mp3's are remixes from Mesh, Komputer, Atomizer and more. The digital version of this album will include the 12 album tracks.
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Nothing Special
See Her Smile
Cheap and Nasty
Blank Canvas
Don't Murder Me I'm Drowning
Pretty Fucked Up
Careful, Careless
Ne Plus Ultra
In Loving Memory
Why so Serious?
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