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I left New Orleans on the morning hurricane Katrina made landfall. It took 12 hours to make a normal 2 hour journey to a safe place. From there I watched the madness, chaos, and destruction unfold. It was mind-numbing. It would take months before being able to return and see what, if anything, remained. Very little did.

Starting the process of rebuilding provided some focus and sense that things could return to normal. Then, another blow: new friends who were also rebuilding were randomly shot and killed in their own backyard. This was too much and I left New Orleans for good.

Despite new routines, when hearts ache, solace is often found in the deepest recesses of one's own mind, at the peril of normalcy. Depression is cruel and hard to escape from.

In time, music allowed recovery, though cut.rate.box was dead; physical distance and directional separation were too great to overcome. All work that had been done towards the next full-length album ceased and was forgotten. All that remained was the title "Xenophobe", which now 12 years later seems more relevant than before.

These tracks were written in 2006 - the year after Katrina - documenting the descent and eventual return to a new now.


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