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We are in the year 2517. All humans are moving on Hydra, looking for a new era of peace and prosperity, but a dark shadow appears on the horizon. Stars[+]Crusaders on mission once again. They have to face a new invasion of "Impostors", the cruel aliens that hide the shocking secret to mankind.

The second album "WELCOME TO HYDRA" follows the natural course of the previous one. The story continues in narrative about the space missions of the Stars Crusaders. Musically, the songs maintain the sound of futurepop and EBM, but with many influences from different genres. "WELCOME TO HYDRA" includes several collaborations with members of the Italian Electronic Scene (Syrian, Electrogenic, Forces of Ligt). The album was mixed and mastered by producers Stefan Poiss (Mind.In.A.Box, Thyx), Vasi Vallis (Frozen plasma, Namnambulu) and Rob Dust.

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