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A FREE digital sampler highlighting some of the label's recent and upcoming releases.   This compilations features previously unreleased tracks from AlterRed, Autoclav1.1, nTTx, Slave Unit, Method Cell, State of the Union, cut.rate.box, Forces of Light, Autoclav1.1/Displacer, Deviant UK and Frontal Boundary.  In addition to the new material, this compilation features tracks from Regenerator, Comasoft, The Thought Criminals, Stars Crusaders, and Mechanical Cabaret.

Track List
01 Mechanical Cabaret - Astral Rejection
02 nTTx - Tainted Love
03 Forces of Light - Below Zero
04 Method Cell - Drop Dead (Replica)
05 Cut.rate.box - Slip Away (wub machine electro remix)
06 Die Sektor - Nine (reakt[ion] LoveHate Remix)
07 Displacer - Shift
08 AlterRed - Breaking News
09 Slave Unit - Shut it
10 Stiff Valentine - American Gods
11 Frontal Boundary - Down in the Park (feat. Odyssey)
12 Autoclav1.1 - Thin Client
13 The Thought Criminals - Watching You
14 Comasoft - All I Wanted (Milo Remix)
15 Stars Crusaders - Sick Bakkus
16 State of the Union - Destino
17 Deviant UK - Black Miracles
18 Regenerator - Want

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